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C&G 5357 - Electrotech Apprenticeship Standard 

Candidates will gain the skills and knowledge to carry out job roles and responsibilities associated with the installation of Electrotechnical systems. On successful completion learners will have achieved the industry desired level of competence required to carry out the specific roles. 
This qualification is available at Level 3 only and aimed at learners wishing to commence a career within the Electrotechnical industry. 
Funding band for this Appretniceship is currently £18,000.00 over the duration of 48 months 
16-18 year olds: The Funding is free and you are intitled to grants and incentives to be confirmed 
19 Years+ The training is funded but require a 5% contribution from the employer of the overall funding which is invoiced yearly 5% currently stands at £900.00 so you would be invoiced £225.00 per year. 
The Electrotechnical Apprenticeship (C&G 5357) Standard has been approved and replaces the 2357-13 and 23 Frameworks. 
The occupational profiles defined in the new Electrotechnical Apprenticeship still remain the same; on successful completion learners will either become Installation Electrician. 
New Apprenticeship Standards are designed by employer groups to be rigorous and respond to employers’ needs. 
Individual employers will identify any relevant entry requirements in terms of previous qualifications, trainability tests, or other criteria. Most candidates will have either GCSE's in English and mathematics or at Level 2 on entry, or will need to have achieved this level by the end of the apprenticeship via Funtional Skills delivery. 
Installation Electricians work on the installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of low voltage (less than1000v) electrical and electronic devices and appliances.  
Completing this apprenticeship will enable the Apprentice to apply for ‘Electrician’ status from the JIB (Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry), entitling them to obtain a ‘Gold Card’ allowing them to work on commercial / industrial sites and carry out roles such as; Install, maintain and repair electrical systems and, installation, testing, 
commissioning and maintaining electrical and electronic components and devices. 
Below is the new Standard Plan which shows you how the course is structured. 
To use EAS Mechanical as your training provider and enrol your Apprentice(s) please call or click here to contact us. 
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